Am I Qualified to Speak?

Often times, coaches wonder if they are ready or qualified to speak at a clinic.  We will start by saying that we don’t think there are any given requirements that make you “qualified” to speak at a clinic, but here is a short list of reasons why coaches may enjoy or be interested in listening to you:  

1. I’ve been a Head Coach for a few years and have had a few successful seasons.

2. I’m a Head Coach and my team had an AWESOME year this past season.

3. I’ve been a Head Coach for 10 or more years.  

4. I’ve been the O or D Coordinator at a highly successful program for a few years.

5. I am a position coach at a highly successful program and I have some speaking experience.

If you fit one of these characteristics, you may be a good fit to speak at this clinic.  Remember, speaking at a clinic gets you a free Staff Pass.  If there’s not a clinic near you… apply anyway.  We may bring a clinic to you!

How Do I Apply?

Simply send us an email! Please include your name, the school at which you currently coach, your position, any accomplishments, and links to any video of you speaking. Don’t have video? That’s ok, please just send any information you can that will allow us to get to know you and your coaching credentials.