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Standard Pass


 Gain access to all free videos from web shows to schematic breakdowns to tours and interviews.  No credit card information necessary just choose a username and provide an email! This Pass does NOT include the #OnlineClinic

All-Access Pass Monthly


Access all that the Online Clinic produces for an entire month.  You’ll have access to all Clinic Presentations from the current year, as well as college visits, and web shows.  Cancel at any time.

All-Access Pass


Gain access to the entire Online Clinic for 1 full year.  You get access to all free videos, plus all full clinic presentations scheduled, mini-presentations from college coaches in the Spring, and unique web shows designed just for coaches!

All-Access Staff Pass

 Now on Sale for $195

The only way to truly stand out as a program is to have an entire staff who is pursuing excellence in their coaching careers. Keep your staff learning this offseason and purchase the Staff Pass which give all your coaches individual All-Access Passes for 1 year.

Level Price  
All-Access Pass '18 $125.00 now.
Membership expires after 1 Year.
All-Access Staff Pass '18 $195.00 now.
Membership expires after 1 Year.
Standard Access Pass Free Select
Membresía a Las Presentaciones de El Paso $29.95 now.
Membership expires after 8 Months.
All-Access Pass Monthly $14.95 per Month. Select

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