The Online Clinic

  • Hundreds of Presentations
  • Stream Anytime
  • More Every Month

OK, this is awesome.  What now?

Why an Online Clinic?

We built the Online Clinic because over years of clinicing with our staffs we noticed that the social aspect of the clinic (which we love) really got in the way of the educational aspect of a clinic.  Most coaches headed to a multiple day clinic with good intentions but ran out of steam or became distracted by days 2 and 3.  

So we thought, “Why not separate the educational piece from the clinic?”  Now you can access all content that a clinic provides because you can view it at your own pace.  Additionally, your entire staff has no excuse not to be learning with you because they, too, can view on their own time when it is most convenient for them.

Do you coach another sport in the offseason?  Did your family just have a baby?  Did snow keep you from attending?  All these are just the beginning of reasons why coaches are unable to attend clinics in the offseason.  With the Online Clinic all these reasons are off the table.  Every presentation is at your finger tips from the moment you sign up, and new content continues to poor in every month.

What Do We Get?

Since 2009, Chiefpigskin has prided itself in providing a higher quality video than what is currently available online as well as providing it at a better price.  We have built an incredible collection of professional coaching presentations.

In 2018, we launched our idea of the Online Clinic and since 2021 have focused our full attention to the venture, phasing out our online store and providing all of our content here to our members.

We will launch new content every month of the off-seasson.  Based out of Illinois, we travel the nation, visiting schools, meeting coaches, and capturing presentations.

It is only possible because of the power of numbers.  With your help, we can grow the number of staffs who partake in the project, and the amount of content available at the same price will only continue to grow!


How Does The Online Clinic Model Work?

The Online Clinic is truly as it sounds.  A full fledged football clinic that is available online.  We have just taken it a step further.  

All videos/presentations are shot with the online viewer in mind only.  This means that there is no audience at any clinic presentation.  The coach is simply speaking to you (or the camera).  As in all things we film, there will be great lighting, quality audio, and the bulk of your screen will be occupied with the presenter’s screen.  It is a video presentation format that Chiefpigskin was the first to bring to the football world.

When you register, you will obtain a username and password that will get you access to every video we produce as a part of the Online Clinic project.  You can access all videos right here at clinic.chiefpigskin.com.  No downloading necessary.  Just login, and stream the videos at anytime and as often as you would like.


The Online Clinic gives you access to every presentation Cheifpigskin produces.  Get in now!